This is a Flash Back to an episode a few years ago, that somehow disappeared from the server (?).   Which is a shame!   The Dead show is one for the ages (6/10/73 RFK With the Allman Brothers sitting in for Set 3), and is a sure fire pleaser for any of our listeners...

...But one thing I am most excited about is the re-emergence of the interview myself and "Bob" conducted that morning several years ago with the one and only Sam Cutler.   Sam was the Tour manager for the Dead from 1970-1974, and of course has some tales to tell.   If you have seen "LONG STRANGE TRIP", than you know what role of importance SAm played... during an era of expansive growth in the bands sound and following.

It is a 3 set show, full of amazing vistas and majestic visions... the aforementioned interview happens during the two intermissions as well as at the end of the show.  Good clean fun.

Enjoy the ride!