June 1 2020

DSOTM # 163 - 5/16/72

This months show is an amazing outing, one that I think will help you turn on that person who is on the fence and get them on the bus.   Great songwriting, cohesive playing, an amazing recording and shorter yet effective jamming.   For half-time we have the David Nelson Band playing some Robert Hunter songs you probably have not heard... as you would expect, they are great songs!

GRATEFUL DEAD  May 16, 1972  La Grand Salle Du Grand Theatre  Luxemburg

HALFTIME:  David Nelson Band  9/29/97  

SOURCE:  Soundboard / Master Reel

May 22 2020

DSOTM # 42 (Flashback) - 7/22/84

Yet another Podcast from a show that "Bob" attended... right in the heart of Eighty-Throar.  An interesting trip out to the coast with the good old Grateful Dead.  For halftime we have some really good David Grisman Quintet to suit your bluegrass and jazz needs all at once.  Hope you guys are doing well... or at least as well as can be.

GRATEFUL DEAD   July 22, 1984   Ventura Fairgrounds  Ventura, CA

HALF-TIME:   David Grisman Quintet  8/11/93  Portland, OR

SOURCE:  Soundboard / PCM Master

May 8 2020

DSOTM # 8 (Flashback) - 7/18/76

All the way back in 2007 I knew this show smoked heavily... but my FM copy was almost too bad to put out there, I did anyway.  Flash forward to now, I am able to Flashback to this show with a much better copy of the recording.  A great show with a bunch of "goes-intah's" in there.   For half-time, we have some great Bob Dylan studio out-takes for you all to enjoy.

GRATEFUL DEAD   July 18, 1976   Orpheum Theatre  San Francisco, CA  

HALF TIME:  Bob Dylan "Oh Mercy" Session Out-takes.

SOURCE:  Pre-FM / Master Reel

May 1 2020

DSOTM # 162 - 9/9/88

This months podcast comes to you from "just another night..." on the Fall 1988 Tour.   A solid show from start to end, with some cool rare stuff as well.   "Bob" brings us some Steely Dan for halftime and its a whole lotta fun.  Enjoy the Ride ladies and gents, we are almost there.

GRATEFUL DEAD  September 9, 1988  The Spectrum  Philadelphia, PA

HALF-TIME:  Steely Dan  Boston, MA  2009

SOURCE:  Healy Ultra Matrix / Master Cassette

April 24 2020

DSOTM # 37 (Flashback) - 8/10/82

This Flashback to Episode 37 goes out to my good friend Steve from Long Beach, CA... this was his first show, and hes been on the bus ever since.  "Bob" returns on this one (over the phone) and brings with him some tasty halftime music.   Enjoy the ride!


GRATEFUL DEAD   August 10, 1982   Field House   University of Iowa   Iowa City, IA

HALFTIME:  David Bromberg Solo  (1985)

SOURCE:   Soundboard / Master Cassette

April 16 2020

DSOTM # 36 (Flashback) - 5/19/74

We journey back to 1974 and the Wall of Sound era goodness, I hope you guys and gals are doing well... we are trying our hardest to keep you musically sated.  "Bob" and myself will be back at the first of the month with something fun!

GRATEFUL DEAD   May 19, 1974   Portland Memorial Coliseum  Portland, OR

SOURCE:  Soundboard / Master Reel

April 11 2020

DSOTM # 44 (Flashback) - 10/22/89

Hope you guys and gals are doing well...  I just wanted to throw some new/old tunes your way once again.   Healing through music!   This show showcases the new MIDI technology that the band was really getting into after Jerry brought out the "Wolf" guitar for this tour... along with its new digital pick-up.   A very interesting pre-drums jam, as was par for the Fall 1989 Tour.   Enjoy!

GRATEFUL DEAD   October 22, 1989  Charlotte Coliseum  Charlotte, NC

SOURCE:   Healy Ultra Matrix / Cassette Master

April 1 2020

DSOTM # 161 - 5/12/77

This month we journey back once again to May 1977.   Pretty much every show in the whole month is amazing, and this one certainly holds a special blend of magic in it.  Myself and "Bob" have our normal conversations in an abnormal manner:   over the phone!   And for half time, some fantastic Linda Ronstadt.  I hope you enjoy the show!

GRATEFUL DEAD   May 12, 1977   Auditorium Theatre   Chicago, IL

HALF-TIME:   Linda Ronstadt   Hollywood, CA   1980

SOURCE:   Analog/Master Reel

March 28 2020

DSOTM # 20 (Flashback) - 2/21/91

So... you are sitting inside (hopefully), or out taking a walk (by yourself)... what could be better than some Grateful Dead music?   I present to you a flashback to DSOTM # 20, a fine outing for the band with Vince Welnick on his own, perhaps at his first "big" night with him solely in the keyboard spot.  Some really nice jams here, I hope you enjoy it!

GRATEFUL DEAD  February 21, 1991   Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

SOURCE:  Soundboard / Digital Copy

March 24 2020

DSOTM # 59 (Flashback) - 2/17/79

A lot of folks have requested this show, and it sucks to always tell people "We already did that one"... so for those that haven't heard it, here ya go.  And those that have heard it, well... enjoy it again!

This month we take you back to the October 2011 Episode of the podcast...   this was "Bob's" second appearance on the show, and his tales of the events of 2/17/79 are quite entertaining.  This also marked the first time the Dead played at the Oakland Coliseum, and the last time Keith & Donna would be on stage.  Bob Marley was the half time show that month.  

Tune in at the first of the month for another great show, and while I am sell-distancing I will bring you some other goodies from the vault very, very soon.

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