July 1 2017

DSOTM # 128 - 9/19/90

This months podcast takes us to Bruce Hornsby's first week with the band, and Holy Toledo, its absolutely amazing!   Welcome to the band, to say the least.   The song selection and performance are both top notch for the era.  For our half time show we have some Bruce Hornsby with his band.   Enjoy this journey, I really like this one.

GRATEFUL DEAD  September 19, 1990  Madison Square Garden  New York, NY   SET 1:   Jack Straw, Bertha, Me & My Uncle > Big River, It Must Have Been The Roses, Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again, Help on the Way > Slipknot!> Franklins Tower     HALFTIME:   Bruce Hornsby & The Range (5/10/87  Monterrey, CA)    SET 2:   Playin in the Band > Ship of Fools > Playin in the Band > Uncle Johns Band > Let It Grow > Jam > Drums > Space > Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad > Stella Blue > Around & Around  ENCORE:   Mighty Quinn

SOURCE:  Soundboard / Digital Master


June 1 2017

DSOTM # 127 - 6/14/87

This months podcast takes us back to the early summer stand on the West Coast... Ventura '87.   This is the only Ventura show that our co host Bob missed, and he missed plenty.   For our half time show, we have some Van Morrison for you.   Good stuff!   The Dead & Co. are out on the road right now, you really should...

GRATEFUL DEAD June 14, 1987   Ventura County Fairgrounds   Ventura, CA   SET 1:   Hell in a Bucket > Sugaree, Tons of Steel, Ramble On Rose, Me & My Uncle > Mexicali Blues, Althea, Feel Like A Stranger > Might as Well   HALFTIME:  Van Morrison (6/21/87  Glastonbury Festival)   SET 2:  Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain, Playin in the Band > Terrapin Station > Drums > Space > Truckin > Wharf Rat > Throwin Stones > Not Fade Away   ENCORE:   Mighty Quinn

SOURCE:   Soundboard / Master Cassette


May 2 2017

DSOTM # 126 - 3/26/72

This onths podcast takes us to the lead up of the great trip to Europe in 1972.  Its a grate show with lots of musical twists and turns... and Pigpen gets it done!   For halftime we have some great Pink Floyd from Bob's vault.   I hope you guys are digging it!

GRATEFUL DEAD   March 26, 1972  Academy of Music   New York, NY    SET 1:   Greatest Story Ever Told, Cold Rain & Snow, Chinatown Shuffle, Black Throated Wind, You Win Again, Mr. Charlie, Jack Straw, Loser, Looks Like Rain, Big Railroad Blues, Big Boss Man, Playin in the Band, El Paso, Good Lovin   HALFTIME:   Pink Floyd 3/6/72 Tokyo, Japan    SET 2:  Truckin > Drums > Other One > Me & My Uncle > Other One > Wharf Rat, Sugar Magnolia, The Stranger, Not Fade Away > Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad > Not Fade Away

SOURCE:  Soundboard / Master Reel


April 3 2017

DSOTM # 125 - 11/24/78

This months podcast comes to us from the East Coast in November 1978.   The band was touting some new songs from the Shakedown Street LP, and they are sounding pretty darned good.   Our half time show features The Band, doing what they do best.   "Bob" and Ronnie the Engineer are out on assignment, so its just us this month...   hope you enjoy!

GRATEFUL DEAD   November 24, 1978   Capital Theatre   Passaic, NJ    SET 1:   Jack Straw > Sugaree, Me & My Uncle > Big River, Stagger Lee, Passenger, Candyman, New Minglewood Blues, From The Heart of Me, Loser, Prominsed Land   HALF TIME  (The Band, November 1970)    SET 2:   I Need A Miracle > Good Lovin, Friend of the Devil, Estimated Prophet > Shakedown Street > Drums > Ollin Agageed > Fire on the Mountain > Sugar Magnolia   ENCORE:  Johnny B. Goode

SOURCE:   Pre FM / Master Reel


March 1 2017

DSOTM # 124 - 9/3/85

Another fine outing by the Grateful Dead from the Fall of 1985.   A great show, backed up by an amazing recording supplied by the Master of the Matrix, Hunter Seamons.  We catch up with Bob, and Cousin Darren makes an appearance for the second straight month... all of that AND some great Little Feat at Halftime!  Enjoy the music, and each other!

GRATEFUL DEAD    September 3, 1985   Starlight Amphetheatre   Kansas City, MO   SET 1:  Feel Like A Stranger > They Love Each Other, Little Red Rooster, Dire Wolf, Cassidy, Big Railroad Blues, Music Never Stopped > Dont Ease Me In   FILLER: Little Feat (8/2/77 London, England)   SET 2:  Cryptical Envelopment > Other One > Cryptical Envelopment >Eyes of the World > Dont Need Love > Drums > Space > Nobodys Fault But Mine > Truckin > Smokestack Lightning > Comes A Time > Turn On Your Lovelight  ENCORE:  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

SOURCE:  Analog / Matrix (Hunter Seamons Mix)

SPECIAL THANKS TO:  Cousin Darren for stopping by and sitting in


February 3 2017

DSOTM # 123 - 5/9/77

Yet another amazing night from May of 1977.  This months show is often overlooked by the previous nights show, but as you will see this show has its own special magic fun.   For halftime we get some old school JGB.  All good stuff coming your way!

GRATEFUL DEAD    May 9, 1977    War Memorial  Buffalo, NY    SET 1:   Help on the Way > Slipknot > Franklins Tower,  Cassidy, Brown Eyed Women, Mexicali Blues, Tennessee Jed, Big River, Peggy O, Sunrise, The Music Never Stopped   HALFTIME:   Jerry Garcia Band (July 23, 1977  Berkeley, CA)   Stir It Up, Tangled Up In Blue    SET 2:   Bertha > Good Lovin, Ship of Fools, Estimated Prophet > The Other One > Drums > Not Fade Away > Comes A Time > Sugar Magnolia   ENCORE:  Uncle Johns Band

SOURCE:   Soundboard / Master Reel

SPECIAL THANKS TO:   Cousin Darren from Scottsdale, AZ for sitting in studio with us.


January 1 2017

DSOTM # 122 - 6/5/69

This months podcast takes us to the Good old Psychedelic Days of the the Grateful Dead.  The Fillmore West in San Francisco, CA must have been THE spot to see the Dead.  For our half time show we have some Old & In The Way.  Good Stuff.  Happy New Year and enjoy the tunes!

GRATEFUL DEAD   June 5, 1969   Fillmore West   San Francisco, CA    SET 1:  Morning Dew, Me & My Uncle, Doin the Rag, He Was A Friend Of Mine, Hard to Handle, Cosmic Charlie, Cryptical Envelopment   HALF-TIME   Old & In The Way (Various 1973)   SET 2:   China Cat Sunflower > Sittin On Top Of The World, Dark Star > St. Stephen > The Eleven > Turn On Your Lovelight

SOURCE:  Soundboard


December 1 2016

DSOTM # 121 - 5/7/89

This months podcast comes to us from Palo Alto, California... litereally where it all began for the band.  Its Billy's Birthday, and thanks to listener Bruce from Santa Cruz, I was pointed in its direction.  I think you guys are going to enjoy this a whole bunch.  Some bluegrassy String Cheese Incident will entertain you at half time!

GRATEFUL DEAD   May 7, 1989  Frost Amphetheater   Palo Alto, CA    SET 1:   Iko Iko, Little Red Rooster, Bertha, Me & My Uncle > Mexicali Blues, Built To Last, Picasso Moon, Bird Song   HALFTIME:  (String Cheese Incident  6/14/14 Ontario, CA)  Catfish John, Porta Potty, Colorado Bluebird Sky   SET 2:  Foolish Heart, Victim or the Crime, Crazy Fingers > Woman Are Smarter, Hes Gone > Drums > Space > Other One > Black Peter > Turn On Your Lovelight  ENCORE:  Knockin on Heavens Door

SOURCE:  Soundboard / Digital Master  (Green Mtn Boys Mix)


November 1 2016

DSOTM # 120 - 5/20/73

This months podcast comes to us from a great outdoor show from the Spring of 1973... and as the band was want to do during this particular era, they performed 3 full and differing sets of the music we all love to love. Our Intermission shows have us going even farther back in our time machine for some of the oldest Old School Bluegrass that I have in my collection. I hope you guys enjoy!

GRATEFUL DEAD   May 20, 1973   UCSB Stadium Santa Barbara, CA    SET 1: Bertha, Me & My Uncle, Box of Rain, Deal, Looks Like Rain, Tennessee Jed, Race is On, China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, Beat It On Down The Line, They Love Each Other, Playin' in the Band    1ST INTERMISSION:  Stanley Brothers 5/12/57   SET 2:  Promised Land, Brown Eyed Women, Mexicali Blues, Row Jimmy, Jack Straw, Big Railroad Blues, Greatest Story Ever Told, Here Comes Sunshine, Big River, Loser, El Paso, Casey Jones   2ND INTERMISSION:  Stanley Brothers 5/12/57    SET 3:  Truckin' >  Nobody's Fault But Mine (Jam) > Drums > Other One > Eyes Of The World > Stella Blue, Sugar Magnolia    ENCORE: Johnny B. Goode

SOURCE: Soundboard / Master Reel (with AUD patches)

October 2 2016

DSOTM # 119 - 12/31/84

This months Podcast comes to us from the Bay Area New Years Eve festivities. A fun night of music was had by those in attendance and I think you guys are going to enjoy it all these years later. Two intermissions make for a bunch of "half time" musical fun with some legends of the jazz community. Enjoy everybody!

GRATEFUL DEAD    December 31, 1984   Civic Auditorium San Francisco, CA    SET 1: Shakedown Street, New Minglewood Blues, Peggy O, , Jack Straw > Birdsong, Hell In A Bucket > Don't Ease Me In     1ST INTERMISSION: (Miles Davis 7/12/64)       SET 2: Sugar Magnolia > Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain > Woman Are Smarter > Drums > Space > Spanish Jam > The Wheel > Throwin' Stones > Turn On Your Lovelight     2ND INTERMISSION:  (Weather Report 11/9/74      SET 3: Gimmie Some Lovin > Uncle Johns Band > Around & Around > It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
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