June 2 2018

DSOTM # 139 - 8/13/79

This months podcast brings us to another great show that "Bob" attended, and he brings on his buddy Rick who was there with him to give us additional insight into a night of relocated fun.  For half time we get an awesome glimpse into the 1978 version of the Jerry Band.   Good times indeed!

GRATEFUL DEAD   August 13, 1979   McNichols Sports Arena  Denver, CO   SET 1:  Shakedown Street, Me & My Uncle > Big River, Candyman, El Paso, Friend of the Devil, New MInglewood Blues, Althea, Lost Sailor > Deal   HALFTIME:   Jerry Garcia Band  3/17/78   SET 2:  I Need A Miracle > Bertha > Good Lovin, He's Gone > Other One > Drums /Space > Wharf Rat > Truckin  ENCORE:  Sugar Magnolia

SOURCE:  Matrix / Analog Master (Seamons Mix)

Special Thanks To:  Rick from Lauderdale By The Sea, FL for calling in.


April 3 2018

DSOTM # 137 - 10/10/82

An amazing journey to the home base of all GD home bases:  Palo Alto, CA... where it all began for our brave heroes.   This is a great sounding recording, from a great show at a great location...   its all good in this hood!   Our half time show gives us a glimpse of the Stray Cats who were HUGE at this time.   Enjoy this trip down memory lane.

GRATEFUL DEAD   October 10, 1982   Frost Amphetheater  Palo Alto, CA   SET 1:  New Minglewood Blues > Sugaree, Little Red Rooster, Tennesee Jed, Cassidy, Loser, Far From Me, Looks Like Rain > China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider   HALF TIME:  Stray Cats (7/15/82 Lido Beach, NY)   SET 2:  Playin in the Band > Crazy Fingers, Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance, Touch of Grey > Drums > Space > The Wheel > Throwing Stones > Not Fade Away > Black Peter > Sugar Magnolia   ENCORE:  Satisfaction, It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

SOURCE:  Matrix (Seamons Mix)


March 1 2018

DSOTM # 136 - 5/12/91

This months podcast takes us to the Spring of 1991... happy times with the "Hornsby" era of the band on home turf in the South Bay.   An amazing second set is waiting for you all to behold!   This month we have a special guest, Staci from the "Strangers Stopping Strangers" podcast... a Shoreline regular "back in the day".   For halftime, we have some David Bowie from 1990.   All in all, another magnificant journey with the Grateful Dead and friends!

GRATEFUL DEAD  May 12, 1991  Shoreline Amphetheatre  Mountain View, CA   SET 1:  Picasso Moon, Althea, CC Rider > It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes a Train To Cry, El Paso, High Time, Black Throated Wind, Deal   HALF TIME:   David Bowie  May 1990  England   SET 2:  Help on the Way > Slipknot! > Franklins Tower, Looks Like Rain, Terrapin Station > Jam > Drums > Space > Goin Down The Road Feeling Bad > Throwing Stones > Turn On Your Lovelite   ENCORE:  The Weight

SOURCE: Soundboard / Digital Copy

SPECIAL THANKS TO:  Staci from "Strangers Stopping Strangers"


February 2 2018

DSOTM # 135 - 10/18/72

Ths months podcast is sure to take you light years away from where-ever you are...  big time jams, and amazing telepathic playing.  For Halftime, "Bob" brought us some cajun music.   Hope ya'll are having fun!

GRATEFUL DEAD   October 18, 1972   Fox Theatre  St. Louis, MO   SET 1:  Bertha, Me & My Uncle, Dont Ease Me In, Mexicali Blues, Brown Eyed Women, Beat It On Down The Line, Birdsong, Big River, Loser, Jack Straw, Big Railroad Blues, El Paso China Cant Sunflower > I Know You Rider   HALF TIME:  Beausoleil  6/22/97   SET 2:  Playin in the Band > Drums > Dark Star > Morning Dew > Playin in the Band, Deal, Promised Land, Brokedown Palace, One More Saturday Night, Casey Jones

SOURCE:  Soundboard / Analog 1


December 2 2017

DSOTM # 133 - 7/21/84

This month sees us back on the coast of California for another great show at Ventura.  Bob was in attendance, and Im sure this is going to bring back some fond memories like they did for him.  For Halftime we get some good ole Bluegrass Music by the legend himself, Bill Monroe.

GRATEFUL DEAD - July 21, 1984   Ventura County Fairgrounds  Ventura, CA    SET 1:   Shakedown Street, Little Red Rooster, Althea, Me & My Uncle > Mexicali Blues, China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, Looks Like Rain > Migh As Well   HALF TIME:   Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys - 1976   SET 2:   Cold Rain & Snow, Far From Me, Truckin > Eyes of the World > Drums > Space > Other One > Stella Blue > Around & Around > One More SAturday Night   ENCORE:   Touch of Grey

SOURCE:   Soundboard / Analog Master


November 1 2017

DSOTM # 132 - 3/25/90

This months podcast comes to us from the Epic 1990 Spring Tour... and the recording is from the "Without a Net" multi track truck recordings.  And, as such, it sounds amazing!   Crisp playing, great sound quality and some good mellow half time music make for an interesting adventure!

GRATEFUL DEAD   March 25, 1990   Knickerbocker Arena  Albany, NY   SET 1:  Greatest Story Ever Told > Touch of Grey, Wang Dang Doodle, Never Trust a Woman, Jack a Roe, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Birdsong, Let It Grow  HALF TIME:   The Paul & Fred Duo  (9/29/17  Bethlehem, PA   SET 2:  Eyes of the World > Samson & Delilah, Crazy FIngers > Truckin > Spoonful > Drums > Space > I Will Take You Home > Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad > Black Peter > Around & Around   ENCORE:  The MIghty Quinn

SOURCE: Soundboard - Multi Track Master > 2 Track Mix Down


October 1 2017

DSOTM # 131 - 6/26/94

This months podcast takes us all the way towards the end... the Summer 1994 Tour, and this show stands tall proclaiming: "The band still has IT!"  Fans of any era should find this musical experience engaging.  The whole tour as thrown off by a month due to the World Cup soccer tournament, so the dead landed in Vegas in late June.  Bob and myself were at this show, and it served as both of our "last great show"... and what a show it is.  It was crazy hot, every song went that extra mile, and a fine musical journey was crafted out under the desert sky once again.  Enjoy the show, we sure did.

GRATEFUL DEAD   June 26, 1994  Sam Boyd Siver Bowl   Las Vegas, NV    SET 1:   Hell In A Bucket, Peggy O, New MInglewood Blues, Ramble On Rose, El Paso, So Many Roads, Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues, Music Never Stopped    HALF TIME:   John Hiatt (1/25/94  New Briton, CT)    SET 2:  Victim Or The Crime > Eyes of the World, Box of Rain, Saint of Circumstance > Terrapin Station > Jam > Drums > Space > The Wheel > All Along The Watchtower > Morning Dew   ENCORE:   US Blues

SOURCE:   Soundboard / Digital Copy


September 1 2017

DSOTM # 130 - 12/6/73

This months podcast brings us a monumental voyage to the realm known as Dark Star...  the band takes their sweet time making this a damn amazing journey to the other world.   The rest of the show is really, really well played... but this Dark Star is one for the ages!   For half time we have some John Lennon from "Bob's" Vault.   Good stuff...  Enjoy!

GRATEFUL DEAD   December 6, 1973   Convention Center  Cleveland, OH   SET 1:  Bertha, Mexicali Blues, Loser, Black Throated Wind, They Love Each Other, Beat It On Down The Line, Deal, El Paso, Row Jimmy, Greatest Story Ever Told, China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, Around & Around   HALF TIME:   John Lennon (MSG NY, NY   8/30/72)  Mother, Imagine, Come Together, Give Peace A Chance   SET 2:  Ramble On Rose, Me & My Uncle, Here Comes Sunshine, Big River, Dark Star > Eyes of the World > Stella Blue, Sugar Magnolia

SOURCE:  Soundboard / Master Reel


August 1 2017

DSOTM # 129 - 1/13/78

This months podcast takes us back to the California Tour in January 1978...  a long, sweet run through the whole state.   Set in an amazingly intimate theatre in the town of Santa Barbara, this show continues the bands explorations into "something different" during the second set.   For half time, we have some great Elvis Costello.   Enjoy the ride!

GRATEFUL DEAD   January 13, 1978  Arlington Theatre  Santa Barbara, CA   SET 1:  Mississippi 1/2 Step Uptown Todeloo, Mexicali Blues > Big River, Candyman, Its All Over Now, Brown Eyed Women, Beat It On Down The Line, Friend of the Devil, Lazy Lightnin' > Suplication   HALFTIME:  Elvis Costello  (1/31/78  St. Louis, MO)   SET 2:  Bertha > Good Lovin, Sunrise, Dancin in the Streets > Drums/Space > Wharf Rat > Truckin > Around & Around   ENCORE:  Sugar Magnolia

SOURCE:  Soundboard / Master Reel


July 1 2017

DSOTM # 128 - 9/19/90

This months podcast takes us to Bruce Hornsby's first week with the band, and Holy Toledo, its absolutely amazing!   Welcome to the band, to say the least.   The song selection and performance are both top notch for the era.  For our half time show we have some Bruce Hornsby with his band.   Enjoy this journey, I really like this one.

GRATEFUL DEAD  September 19, 1990  Madison Square Garden  New York, NY   SET 1:   Jack Straw, Bertha, Me & My Uncle > Big River, It Must Have Been The Roses, Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again, Help on the Way > Slipknot!> Franklins Tower     HALFTIME:   Bruce Hornsby & The Range (5/10/87  Monterrey, CA)    SET 2:   Playin in the Band > Ship of Fools > Playin in the Band > Uncle Johns Band > Let It Grow > Jam > Drums > Space > Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad > Stella Blue > Around & Around  ENCORE:   Mighty Quinn

SOURCE:  Soundboard / Digital Master

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